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Spring Season (Apr - Jun)

Summer Season (Jun - Aug)

Fall Season (Sep - Nov)

Chesapeake-Western Branch (Friday)Coming Soon
Newport News (Thursday)Opens July 1st
Level: B / C
Location: Boys & Girls Club
Sponsor: Beervana Taphouse
Deadline: August 16
Pricing: $50 / player thru July 5
$55 / player thru July 15
$60 / player thru July 31
$65 / player thru August 15
$70 / player thereafter
Captains Meeting: TBD
First Game: September 5
Game Times: 6:30pm / 7:20pm / 8:10pm
Playoffs: November 2 (Saturday)
Norfolk-Ghent/Lakewood (Thursday)Coming Soon
Norfolk-Larchmont (Friday)Coming Soon
Portsmouth (Wednesday)Coming Soon
Virginia Beach-Kempsville (Friday)Coming Soon

Winter Season (Jan - Mar)

Some locations have capacity restrictions. For spring and fall seasons only, returning teams from the previous season are guaranteed placement in the same division up through three weeks before the deadline. After that date, all teams spots are first come, first served until capacity is reached.

It's the same fun game you remember from elementary school, but now it's all grown up. (But don't worry, you don't have to act like a "grown-up" to play.) No skills are needed, just a desire to come out and have a good time. Kickball is a sport that everyone can play (typically 6 men and 4 women per side), and you don't need to be a fantastic athlete to be a terrific kickballer.

Your registration fee includes:

Umpire fees of $14 per team per regular season game are not included. (Umpire fees for all playoff games are included.)

Read more about our style of social play at:
Kickball League of Hampton Roads: A better way to play