2023 Big B Tournament

Time: Saturday, November 18
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Location: Tarrallton Park
2100 Tarrallton Dr
Norfolk, VA 23518
Cost: $100.00 per team (Sept 15 - Oct 1 Oct 22)
$150.00 per team (Oct 2 Oct 23 - Nov 1)
$200.00 per team (after Nov 1)

A-level teams play in our league championship; we have no doubt who is the best team around each season. But we've often been asked, what about the best of the rest? What about the B-level (and C-level) teams who rarely or never play against other divisions?

Say hello again to our eighth annual Big B Tournament, set up to determine once again who is the best B team around this year. We will start the day with up to 32 B/C-level teams, and finish with just one champion.

Entry is first come, first served. All B-level and C-level teams playing in our league this fall season calendar year are eligible for this tournament. This is not an open tournament; you must use your same team roster as you played with during the season. We will do roster checks. Each team is allowed a maximum of two special exceptions as noted below. Any requested exceptions must be emailed to the league for approval no later than midnight on the Wednesday before the tournament.

Pool play will take place from approximately 9:00am until 2:00pm, followed by an elimination bracket from approximately 2:30pm to 5:30pm. All teams are guaranteed a minimum of three games in pool play. Funds are being used to pay for field use, umpires, and championship medals.

Bring your tent, your coolers, your cornhole boards, your kanjam sets, your buffet tables, and everything else you need to make this once again the biggest and best 1-day kickball tournament Hampton Roads has ever seen. We will have judges making the rounds during the tournament to decide who has the best "tailgate" setup. The winner will take home some sweet Kickball League schwag!

Official Tournament Bracket

Official Tournament Map

Group Stage Schedule & Scores

Group Stage Standings

Group # Team W L T PCT Streak
Tiebreakers for elimination round seeding (not reflected in standings above):
  1. Head-to-head
  2. KLOHR tournament tiebreaker:
    One male and one female player from each team kick a stationary ball at home plate, with the ball coming to a rest closest to 2nd base being declared the winner

Elimination Stage Schedule & Scores

A1 Last Minute 3
2:30 PM Field 1 Kick at night 1
B4 Kick at night 4
3:30 PM Field 1 Kempsville CuCUMbers 9
B2 Kempsville CuCUMbers 6
2:30 PM Field 2 Kempsville CuCUMbers 9
A3 Snakezzzzzzzz 3
4:30 PM Field 1 Kempsville CuCUMbers
A2 Don't Stop B-Leaguing 10 CHAMPION
2:30 PM Field 4 Don't Stop B-Leaguing 8
B3 Ball Breakers 7
3:30 PM Field 5 Don't Stop B-Leaguing 2
B1 Fresh Prince of Ball-Air 8
2:30 PM Field 5 Fresh Prince of Ball-Air 5
A4 Big Kicks Swinging 4